Virtual Network

We smarten networking tools to help you meet new people and maintain and develop your existing connections.

Smart Networking Tools

With Janus, you get smart networking tools that you can use in both digital and physical environments.

Performance Metrics with Statistics

Measure your network performance individually or corporately with the detailed statistics provided by Janus. Strengthen your network and sales channels.

Contribution to Nature Data

Janus offers you a sustainable and eco-friendly networking experience. Reduce your carbon footprint with every interaction.

Cost Effective

Janus saves you from business card costs. With Janus, you can keep all your business cards up-to-date without the need to reprint them.

Enterprise Solutions

Janus strengthens your company's digital presence with its solutions. It maximizes your company's visibility with networking tools.


NetworKit is a package of networking tools that can be used at touch points in digital environments. It includes Digital Business Card Profile, Email Signature and Virtual Meeting Background.

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Janus Card

Replace your traditional paper business cards with an effective and innovative solution. Janus cards are non-exhaustible smart business cards that enable contactless information transfer with NFC chip technology.

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Digital Business Card

It is the digital version of your traditional business card. With your Digital Business Card Profile, you can share your information in a sustainable and smart way via QR code without running out of business cards. Suitable for use anytime and anywhere. With various customization options, your business card is always up to date.

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Measure the efficiency of your networking tools with the statistics interface, so you will know which channels you can network more effectively. In addition to a detailed analysis of your tools, you will also be able to see your contribution to nature!

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Email Signature

It is an e-mail signature created in integration with your digital business card profile. In this way, have a constantly updated mail signature. You can create unlimited versions of your mail signature in seconds. You decide which information you want to share with various customization options.

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Virtual Meeting Background

Backgrounds that contain the QR code of your digital business card profile that you can use in your virtual meetings. You can create your virtual meeting background with any image you want. Direct the people you meet to your profile via QR code and share your up-to-date contact information.

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