We Are Here for a Sustainable World!

As Janus, we act with the awareness of keeping the damage to nature to a minimum. Protecting the world ecosystem by developing environmentally friendly technologies is our first priority. 47% of the trees cut in the world are used to make paper. Cut down trees account for 12 to 17% of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Well, have you thought about the damage we cause to nature in 1 year for business cards?

100 billion business cards are produced worldwide each year, resulting in 7 million trees being cut down. If we examine the lifespan of business cards; Within a week of giving a business card, almost 90% of it ends up in the trash or drawer.

Considering this on a global scale, you will prevent the damage that paper business cards cause to nature in every interaction you have with Janus Card, which sets out with the vision that the digitalization of this 600-year-old tradition is not just an option but a responsibility. With Janus, you can reduce your carbon footprint with smart networking products. Additionally, you will provide a sustainable benefit to your brand.

Every 1000 interactions where you use your contactless business card:

By changing your old habit; Step into an innovative, smart and sustainable world.

You can take the first step to get rid of your old habit by examining our NetworKit and Janus Card products.