From Rome to Present: Janus

Who is Janus?

Janus is a two-faced Roman god, one face looking right and the other left. He presides over all transitions observed in nature and humanity. All beginnings and endings related to time, abstract or concrete transitions in nature and humanity, gates, entrances, exits, passages, societal changes, war, and peace are under the supervision of this cosmic deity.


The word Janus means “the precursor of heaven.” He holds a staff in his right hand to guide people in the right direction. In his left hand, he holds a key to open doors. This key symbolizes the key to new beginnings, passages, and transitions. Janus is the guardian of heaven’s gates, and it is believed that he will open the way to other gods.

Who are we?

As the Janus team, we believe that every individual has the potential to open new doors and create opportunities for themselves and others. That’s why with each action our users take related to networking, they’re creating new opportunities both for themselves and the people they interact with. Therefore, through our application named Janus, we’re democratizing networking by developing technological solutions. We understand how our current and future connections can impact our future. In essence, Janus continues to preside over a gateway and transition between the past and the future in another form.


We didn’t want networking to remain solely as a tool used by an elite few to achieve their goals. We researched networking traditions followed by leaders and managers for centuries and aimed to make it accessible to everyone. We took this step to uncover the potential opportunities you have and will have alongside your connections.

Perspective on Janus

Perspective on Janus

Now, by developing our Web App, we are taking one step closer to fulfilling our mission. We have launched our second phase product by developing eco-friendly networking tools. We continue to work on new versions that reflect our future vision.


To elevate these experiences to the highest level, please feel free to contact us for feedback, suggestions, questions, or concerns!